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Fleet management

A Clean Burn

Environmental concerns make natural gas a natural investment for the right operation.

Although natural-gas vehicles cost more than their diesel versions, fuel is less expensive and much cleaner. Natural gas can cost as little as $2 on a gallon-of-gasoline-equivalency (GGE). Table: www.about.com

Fuel Type Unit of Measure BTUs/Unit Gallon Equivalent
Gasoline (regular) gallon 114,100 1.00 gallon
Diesel #2 gallon 129,500 0.88 gallons
Biodiesel (B100) gallon 118,300 0.96 gallons
Biodiesel (B20) gallon 127,250 0.90 gallons
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cubic foot 900 126.67 cu. ft.
Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) gallon 75,000 1.52 gallons
Propane (LPG) gallon 84,300 1.35 gallons
Ethanol (E100) gallon 76,100 1.50 gallons
Ethanol (E85) gallon 81,800 1.39 gallons
Methanol (M100) gallon 56,800 2.01 gallons
Methanol (M85) gallon 65,400 1.74 gallons
1.74 gallons kilowatt hour (Kwh) 3,400 33.56 Kwhs

For more on converting to natural gas, or to get maps that show natural gas refueling facility locations, visit:

Clean Energy
Natural Gas Vehicle Institute
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute

Fleet management

Control Freaks

Addressable streetlight networks trim energy use and simplify maintenance.

To learn more about Echelon's managed street-lighting networks and power line communication products, go to www.echelon.com.

Echelon's white paper outlining opportunities for increasing street-lighting system efficiency can be downloaded at http://www.echelon.com/solutions/streetlight/documents/Echelon_StreetlightWhitepaper_FINAL.pdf

Information on how Streetlight.Vision software simplifies implementation of a managed street-lighting network is available at www.streetlight-vision.com.

LonMark International, which maintains the LonWorks open-networking platform for machine-to-machine communication, offers background information at www.lonmark.com. For information specifically focusing on its use in street-lighting systems, go to www.lonmark.com/connection/solutions/streetlighting/>.

ROMlight International offers energy-efficient streetlight ballasts with embedded LonWorks power line communication capability. .www.romlightintl.com

Information on energy-saving LED streetlights is available at www.betaled.com and www.cree.com.

Aldis Corporation's programs that use LEDs for traffic signals are described at www.aldiscorp.com.

Several Web resources provide additional background on the Charlesbourg section of Quebec City (Ville de Quebec). The historical site is www.trait-carre.org/Accueil.aspx?page=1178. To learn about the church in the photos, visit /www.trait-carre.org/afficher.aspx?unite=001002, although the official church Web site (in French) is www.votreparoisse.com/saint-charles-borromee/. It includes a photo of the church entrance before the installation of the new streetlights.