Designed by a construction professional, cloud-based website divides project documents into three categories that match how contractors work.

Andrew Arena, founder and president of Construction Pro Manager ( is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s website and its document control software – also known as Construction Pro Manager – for the construction industry.

Arena learned the construction industry working in his family’s construction company from the time he was a young man, first performing entry-level tasks, then tasks and projects of more advanced nature as he progressed in his skills and knowledge. He earned a college degree and has worked as a construction project manager and a licensed construction safety management consultant. During his 18 years of experience in the industry, Arena often noticed that the available document control software was too costly for smaller companies, required too much training and was complex and time-consuming to use.

“Having worked in the industry for almost 20 years, I saw and experienced firsthand the large amount of paperwork each project generates,” said Arena. “More importantly, software engineers, not construction professionals, designed most of the project management software. The engineers knew their business, but they didn’t understand ours; so I decided to create a software product that construction professionals had always needed and wanted.”

Construction Pro Manager was designed for construction professionals, including general contractors for the commercial and residential sectors; small to mid-sized construction companies; single, prime contractors; private developers managing projects internally; consulting project managers; and contractors in most of the trades associated with construction projects.

To develop document control software that would reduce administrative time, create a more efficient working environment and ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, Arena created the patent-pending CLS-Contractor Linked System. It divides project documents into categories that are very familiar to construction professionals and matches with the way they work. The system consists of 39 construction-based logs organized according to three primary categories: Administrative, Technical and Field.

• The Administrative Log File includes such logs as Insurance/Bond, Permit, Change Order, Project Schedule and Time and Material, for a total of 16 logs.
• In the Technical Log File, users will find the Operations & Maintenance Manual Log, Equipment Training Log, Punch List Log and 8 other logs.
• The Field Log File is where the these logs reside: Accident Report, Safety Violation, Meeting Minute, Inspection Report and 9 others.

Subscribers of Construction Pro Manager organize, store and access their documents in a password-protected, cloud-based, intuitive and user-friendly format that requires minimal training.

“While we were designing Construction Pro Manager, we decided that construction professionals also needed a complementary software program to perform data-entry tasks and process paperwork as it is received,” said Arena. “We’ve added Construction Pro Administrator to our product offering to minimize the amount of time project managers must devote to these administrative functions.”

Construction Pro Manager

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