Constituent Relations

  • Florida county goes social

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    Tweets and Sanitation

    Public officials are using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to get the message out about public works.

  • EPA recognizes landfill methane projects

  • Water plant educates community

    Design & Construction

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    On the Record

  • Public Opinion

  • PUBLIC WORKS May Article Links 2008

  • Highway Agency Gets into Social Networking

  • Pitching in against pollution

    To simultaneously solve the problem of illicit dumping and educate teenagers about the importance of proper sewer stewardship, Pontiac wastewater treatment plant superintendent Dave Sullivan joined forces with Paul Ritter, ecology instructor at Pontiac Township High School, to create a youth...

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    For any public works employee experienced in presenting a controversial project or fielding service-related complaints, this is the question that eventually arises when contemplating the development of a public relations program. But upon further reflection, the answer has to be “yes” because in...

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    From Septic to Sewers

    Each city took a different path--sometimes several--to building their new wastewater treatment systems.

  • Teaching Kids to Care for Water

    Fourth and fifth graders at the 11th Annual Children's Water Education Festival in Fountain Valley, Calif., may have been having a blast, but they were learning a valuable lesson too.

  • San Francisco officials apologize for water woes

    A main rupture in March left thousands of San Franciscans without water service, moving utility leaders to apologize for the fluke.

  • People wishy-washy on water

    An online poll indicates that people have mixed feelings when it comes to the taste and odor of their local public water.

  • Pothole problem met with naked anger

    In a unique protest over the plentiful potholes on Highway 32 in Leader, Saskatchewan, the farming community's residents decided to take it all off for a fundraising calendar.

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    Crude crud creates a craze

    Kids are fascinated by gross things; they also dig learning how stuff works. Combining the two, San Diego created an ingenious program to teach youngsters all about the gross and groovy world of sewers.

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    Construction aches and pains

    These tips will keep the road smooth and the customer satisfied.

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    Public works leaders should take a hike

    PUBLIC WORKS Associate Editor Jenni Spinner asks: How often How often do you get out to see your town? Have you ever left the comfort of your office or truck cab to get out to take a good look at the town you serve? If you haven't, you're not getting the big-picture view—the one your constituents...

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    Keep the customer satisfied

    Public works departments spend considerable resources handling requests from constituents—answering questions, fulfilling service orders, resolving complaints. To streamline the process, more and more agencies are implementing sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) systems to process...

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    Tapping into bottled water

    Bottled water is big business Since the mid-1990s, the market for Evian and other brands has boomed in the United States and around the world. Even soft-drink companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have jumped on the aquatic bandwagon, supplementing their product lines with their own successful brands...


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