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  • Waterfront Toronto

Photo: Nicola Betts, 2011

    Using green and gray infrastructure to manage stormwater

    As communities with combined sewer overflow problems and/or compliance decrees began evaluating their programs, officials and planners realized that “green” infrastructure could offset capital-intensive gray infrastructure like sewer separation, storage tanks, tunnels, and treatment facilities.

  • How to save 25% on a wayfinding program

    Not involving public works from the beginning will increase costs.

  • Students learn GIS

    Geographic information system provider gives GIS users a chance to give back to their communities by mentoring students throughout the nation.

  • Public art lights West Hollywood's streets

    A California city is illuminating one of its boulevards with an art installation that uses energy-efficient LED technology to add eye-popping color.

  • Making stressful meetings easier for presenters

    Here is advice and tips for relaying stressful information during a public meeting.

  • Hosting online surveys and polls

    By leveraging online survey tools, public works departments can quickly and efficiently collect feedback from both citizens and employees.

  • APWA Top 10 Leader Ken Grehm talks technology

    American Public Works Association's 2014 Top 10 Leaders share their favorite on-the-job technologies: Ken Grehm, Auburn, Calif.

  • Transparent panels maintain visibility and reduce shadows due to the soundwall extension.

    Transparent barriers mitigate highway noise

    The Texas DOT solves two public relations problems with one product.

  • A little $ help from your friends

    Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo can help get projects funded.

  • A community works to create a garden

    The Shrewsburry Public Works Department joins forces with its community to bring a garden to life.

  • VIDEO: Construction equipment stacks up the fun

    Caterpillar’s machines are serious business on public works jobsites. Video shows the heavy equipment maker also has a lighter side.

  • Protecting your domain

    No agency wants citizens to visit their project website and find objectionable content. It's even worse if the agency is forced to allow it to remain. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

  • Visualizing your design

    Just as public outreach becomes even more important and necessary in public works, we are fortunately seeing the launch of new tools to help us become more successful in our efforts. Social media has improved communication by allowing us to deliver our messages quicker and more efficiently with...

  • Jeppe Juul Jensen, LEGO Technic design manager, demonstrates the realistic remote-control wheel loader the toy company designed in partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment.

    Volvo and LEGO create powerhouse toy

    The miniature Volvo L350F wheel loader drives and loads like the real thing—and could lift little ones into future public works careers.

  • Public works departments benefit charities

    Few people realize how much communities benefit from all of the extracurricular activities that public works employees undertake.

  • Joining forces to rebuild a highway bridge

    Local sculptor Cliff Garten was asked to design the new bridge commissioned by the Baldwin Hills Conservancy, using grants and administered by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative.

  • Protesters objecting to the proposed construction of a road near Reykjavik, Iceland, are carried away by police. The protesters claim the road, which cuts through protected lava-strewn land, would harm the habitat of elves.

    Icelandic road protestors acting a little elfish

    The Icelandic government has put a road project on hold, in part because of protesters’ concerns that the project will endanger the lives of a certain breed of wee folk.

  • Military service is a family affair for Minnesota paving contractor Rich Carron, a U.S. Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War. The emblem is in deference to his father-in-laws 27-year career with the U.S. Marine Corps. Richs son, Brent, suggested putting military logos on trucks as a visual way for Valley Paving to support U.S. armed forces. Photo: Kenworth

    Paving contractor puts veterans to work

    Valley Paving in Minnesota has painted four of its trucks with the logo of a branch of the U.S. military. Owner Rich Carron is a Vietnam veteran.

  • A sure-fire way to become a 21st-century water utility

    The author of our 2011 cover story shared how his water and wastewater utility protects assets against earthquake, fire, and other natural disasters at WEFTEC 2013’s “Water Thought Leaders: Lessons Learned From Great Water Communities.”

  • RU2 Systems + Fast-275 speed feedback sign

    The Fast-275 combination VSL/radar speed feedback sign helps calm traffic in crucial areas (school zones, parks, and others) to prevent collisions and injury.


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