Innovative Surface Solutions’ ProSeries suite includes summer and winter liquids and asphalt repair.

Innovative Surface Solutions is proud to announce it has reached a major company milestone with the introduction of ProSeries a new standardized brand for its road safety and maintenance products. Extended across three lines of products available across Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States, ProSeries reflects the company’s reputation as a trusted, ‘go-to’ partner for road safety and maintenance professionals.

“The ProSeries brand clearly differentiates our products from others on the market and reinforces our position as a leading provider of effective, environmentally safer solutions for road safety and maintenance,” said Greg Baun, president of Innovative Surface Solutions. “This change to our product line-up will help our customers the road safety pros more easily identify the right solutions for their needs and simplify their decision-making process.”

“Our customers want to maximize safety performance in challenging weather conditions and are increasingly looking for ways to reduce environmental liability,” continued Mr. Baun. “Our ProMelt line provides them with de-icing solutions that perform in a broader range of weather conditions while reducing impacts to our environment.”

ProSeries and Our Customers
The ProSeries brand is the latest step in Innovative Surface Solutions’ 30-year history as an industry leader focused on providing customers with effective, environmentally safer solutions. It is an updated, standardized brand for its road safety and maintenance product catalogue.

The ProSeries brand will contain three product lines:
Winter liquids and packaged products will be rebranded to ProMelt
Summer liquids will be rebranded to ProGuard
Asphalt repair product will still be known as ProPatch

Innovative Surface Solutions specializes in advanced, environmentally safer solutions for road safety and maintenance, industrial applications and agriculture that consistently perform and result in better outcomes for our customers and our community.

Innovative Surface Solutions

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