Chicago startup Modobag has spent the last two years developing a $1,500 ridable suitcase. The Modobag has a small replaceable motor, lithium ion battery, telescoping handlebar with break and throttle, and is only 19 lbs when empty (about half the allowable carry-on weight for most major airlines).

However, you may not see the bags at some of the busiest airports due to restrictions. MarketWatch contacted American's 10 busiest airport to see it there were policies against products like this one:

Of the eight that responded definitively within 24 hours, four — in Atlanta, Denver, New York (John F. Kennedy) and San Francisco — said such a device would be against their rules. For example, the busiest U.S. airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson, said the device would be included in a ban established in March for “personal transportation devices,” which was aimed at hoverboards.

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