In this session, Vesna Stevanovic-Briatico, transportation coordinator with Toronto's Transportation Service Division, explained how the city ditched its traditional mechanical sweepers and acquired "dustless" regenerative-air sweepers that remove fine road dust from the streets and smog-causing particulate matter from the air. (Particulate matter can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease.)

The new sweepers are capable of removing at least 80% of fine road dust, which could result in up to a 30% improvement in the city's air quality. Plus, they outperform mechanical sweepers in maneuverability, leaf removal, heavy silt loading, sweeping during wet conditions, and more.

The city has added 25 Tymco DST Regenerative-Air street sweepers to its fleet and plans to acquire more in the near future. More importantly, says Stevanovic-Briatico, the city developed a tool that can be used to evaluate performance of street sweepers. The evaluation tool also provides a framework for continuous development operational procedures and equipment, to ensure street sweeping service is provided safely and effectively.

For more information contact Stevanovic-Briatico at 416-392-8345 or

Session: Clean Roads to Clean Air Program

Speaker: Vesna Stevanovic-Briatico, Transportation Coordinator
Operational Planning and Policy
Transportation Infrastructure Management Section
Transportation Services Division

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