A project in San Fransisco continues to be delayed by gas leaks, and the city is now looking to fire one of the contractors spearheading the project. Since the project to repave streets and replace sewers in the city, there have been five gas leaks since April when the project began. However, no one is in agreement about who is ultimately responsible.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. blames contractors on the project for the gas leaks, saying it was a result of the contractors not hand digging, but instead using heavy equipment to complete the project. However, the contractors have blamed PG&E, saying that they were provided outdated and inaccurate maps. 

A spokeswoman for the San Fransisco Public Works Department says that there is an ongoing investigation and that they “are not gong to rush into anything in terms of making sure the site is safe and the contractors are taking the proper precautions.”

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