CH2M was chosen as the design-build partner for the $1.2 billion Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion (NEWPP) in Houston as well as the $85 million Cogeneration Facility Project in San Jose. The NEWPP project will be the largest Progessive Design-Build project of its kind in the U.S.

The project will be delivered by the Houston Waterworks team, a joint venture between CH2M and CDM Smith over the next nine years. It will also save the city nearly $9 million in operations and maintenance costs related to power, chemicals and residuals disposal:

“For more than 40 years, we have successfully delivered the largest water treatment plants in Texas, many for the City of Houston,” added Nicol. “We are proud to continue our delivery partnership with the City to meet the future water needs of the Greater Houston area with the NEWPP project.”

In addition to the NEWPP project, CH2M will serve as the design builder for the new Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility' Cogeneration Facility. The Cogeneration Facility will replace the current aging cogeneration equipment at the Wastewater Facility providing on-site power and heat:

This project is also being delivered using a Progressive Design-Build approach and consists of advanced generation internal combustion engines selected based on their low capital cost, high electrical efficiency and availability of high-grade heat for the anaerobic digestion tanks. New engines will be incorporated to meet projected power demands, allowing for the largest advanced wastewater facility in the western United States to clean wastewater for the San Francisco South Bay uninterrupted; thereby continuing to protect public health, the environment and support Silicon Valley businesses.

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