What better time than National Public Works Week to make local students aware of their future career as a city engineer, traffic control supervisor, water superintendent, and/or public works director?

Host a Career Day May 19 – 25 and it may qualify to be featured as a Project of the Month in Public Works magazine.

Tell us what you’re planning and we’ll help you promote it via our social media. Just send us a picture and information and we’ll do the rest.

Send your ideas to edit@pwmag.com by Fri., March 22, 2013.

And now for those tips:

1. Know your audience so you can tailor your message to the age group you’ll be addressing
2. Use visual aids to keep your presentation engaging
3. Spark interest with examples, demonstrations, and “A day in the life of…” events
4. Outline what you’ll say beforehand
5. Let your passion shine through. When people see how much you love public works, it’ll be easier for them to see why they should love it, too.

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