You're probably not blessed with a large travel budget. In fact, if you're like the city engineer I visited earlier this year, you're lucky if you can cross the state to attend trade shows and conferences. Or if there is money to go off-sight, you have to pick and choose: 'Let's see . . . If I go to American Water Works this year, that means the Water Environment Federation has to wait until next year . . .'

That's exactly why we're here: to bridge the gap between your budget and your informational needs. While we seek to do that every month in the magazine, we also have a powerful tool in the Internet—which we'll be employing Sept. 10-12 by reporting directly from the annual convention of the American Public Works Association (APWA) in San Antonio.

While you may be actively involved in your local APWA chapter, this is the one time of the year infrastructure managers can learn from their colleagues in other regions of the U.S. and Canada. Often, those lessons can be applied locally. For a full conference schedule, click here, or if you prefer, you can view and print our handy pre-show planner.

At the APWA show, PUBLIC WORKS' editors will gather your colleagues' time- and money-saving tips, along with information on the products and services they use and post it on our site,every day of the show. You can also sign up for the PUBLIC WORKS Business Update, our twice-monthly newsletter which will feature a daily round-up of news and articles from APWA floor.

So, look for us in your e-mail in-box Sept. 10-12, and if you'd like to see a particular topic in greater depth, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail, or call me at 773-824-2507.

Stephanie Johnston
Editor in Chief