Water management solutions provider STW Resources Holding Corp. obtained a permit from the Middle Pecos Groundwater Conservation District to treat as well as make useable artesian brackish water. The water (millions of gallons) will flow from abandoned oil test wells in the Imperial, Texas area.

STW is currrently in the middle of its West Texas Water Project which has the purpose of accessing alternative resources to fresh water, processing brackish water sources to potable drinking water standards, and supplying fresh water to municipalities and industrial customers in West Texas. They will build a water desalination plant and pipeline that will treat as much as 56,000 acre-feet per year, or 50 million gallons per day, of brackish water from San Andres wells:

Phase I of the project involved receiving the permit. The project’s second phase will focus on the engineering, design, well construction, cost and financing. The company has presented to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality the preliminary design with preliminary technologies, to be used for drinking water applications. This will be modified once all phases of testing are completed. The company anticipates making sales in the first quarter of this year to the oil and gas industry.

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