The East County Advanced Water Purification Program study was accepted by Padre Dam Municipal Water District's Board of Directors. The study, co-commissioned by Padre Dam, Helix Water District, City of El Cajon, and the County of San Diego, evaluated "alternatives to recycle wastewater generated in East San Diego County to create a new water supply that is local, reliable, cost-effective and drought proof."

This program is expected to cut back the reliance on imported water as well as the cost of wastewater treatment since it will significantly increase the availability and use of recycled water in East County San Diego:

“Much of East County is 100 percent reliant on imported water.  This program will provide a new, local, uninterruptible source of water,” said Allen Carlisle, CEO and general manager of Padre Dam. “The Board’s approval to move forward with the program is an important first step to diversify East County’s water supply with a local, reliable source.”

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