While dwindling gas and property revenues are forcing municipalities to consider raising taxes and utility rates to pay for city services, a recent survey shows that more than a third (36%) of participants don't believe they're getting their tax dollars' worth in services and facilities.

Of those services that received a poor/ fair rating by respondents, public transportation led the pack (47%). “Gas prices, the economy, concerns about the environment/air quality, and congestion are all contributing to increased consumer demand for alternative modes of transportation that work,” says Rebecca Elmore-Yalch, senior V.P. at Opinion Research Corp., the global market research firm that conducted the survey. “At the same time, many transit systems are faced with significant budget shortfalls, forcing them to cut services.”

On the bright side, 72% of those polled rated sanitation and garbage disposal services as good/excellent, and 68% gave parks and recreation the same rating.

The survey also found that nearly one out of four respondents (23%) would vote against their local leadership based on the quality or level of services provided.

The company polled 1,000 adults by telephone. For more information, visit www.orc-ouchpoint.com.