Welcome to PW Solutions: WaterWorks, an in-depth look at how municipalities, driven by increasingly stringent regulations, are changing the way wastewater and stormwater is being treated to avoid water pollution—without busting budgets.

The editors of PUBLIC WORKS have assembled this special series of articles to show you examples of cities that are successfully navigating the turbulent waters of requirements and funding.

First, you'll see how Warrenton, Ore., constructed a new wastewater treatment plant that balances economic growth with protection of the Columbia River. Next, you'll get an inside look at how Ohio's Avon Lake Municipal Utilities found a way to save $1 million on a portion of its $20 million sewer-separation project, a much-needed endeavor that complies with the Clean Water Act and prevents sewer overflows .

You will also learn how infrastructure managers, under pressure from state regulators, are wrangling with the latest generation of wastewater contaminants that affect water sources—flushed-away pharmaceuticals. And lastly, we introduce you to the latest products geared toward improving your wastewater, storm-water, and drinking-water operations.

We are in an age where stewards of the nation's water are faced with a triple-fold job: to provide adequate and safe drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater services for a growing population; to reverse the detrimental effects of water pollution, and establish new methods to limit future pollution; and to find the funding to do all this without over-burdening taxpayers. We hope this special feature will help you do your job better.

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  • Processing Success: An Oregon city relies on sequencing batch reactor technology to clean up wastewater discharging into the economically vital Columbia River
  • Pipe-within-a-Pipe: A Northern Ohio wastewater utility shaves $1 million from its stormwater compliance project with a dual-material design
  • Fish Stories: Effects-based testing goes directly to the source to discover the environmental impact of wastewater contaminants on living organisms
  • New Products: Water, wastewater and stormwater products


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