More than 100 high-level infrastructure executives from all U.S. regions and infrastructure disciplines participated in the U.S. Infrastructure Priorities Survey 2012, conducted by CG/LA Infrastructure Inc. in September. Results include:

  • Public-private partnerships (P3s) is the most important step the U.S. should take in increasing infrastructure investment (as one of the top 3 key steps by 57% of respondents). Increasing the gas tax (48%) and creating a National Infrastructure Bank (44%) are also among the highest-level priorities.
  • Bridges are identified as “highest priority” or “above average priority” infrastructure investments by 79% of respondents, followed by water/wastewater (70%), and highways (66%). Other priority infrastructure includes multimodal systems and freight rail.
  • 93% of respondents don’t believe that the U.S. has an overall infrastructure plan, with one executive commenting “there is a potential for disaster at every turn.”
  • Only 4% of respondents view the federal government’s role in infrastructure as “satisfactory”; 94% said it was either “poor” or “needs improvement.”
  • In terms of needed change, “Faster approval process (on a timer)” is identi?ed as the No.1 requirement for increasing infrastructure investment; and “enabling legislation for private-sector investment” is recognized as the second highest priority consideration.

“They clearly see that the way forward, and this includes public-sector executives, is through increased private sector involvement, including the creation of the ‘machinery’ to make that involvement happen,” says Norman F. Anderson, CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure Inc.