It's Round Two For Illinois Highway Commissioner Dan Dziekan's ongoing attempt to provide for Newport Township Road District assets and employees.

He began the year with a hard-won $846,126 operating budget. Hard-won because he had to take his funding request to court.

Late last year, Dziekan finally prevailed against township officials for refusing to pass the district's budget and withholding operating expenses that included employee wages. Afer the budget was rejected in May, Dziekan filed suit in August — at which point the township capitulated but refused to reimburse his attorneys' fees.

In late December a judge ordered the township to pay the road district about $100,000 for legal costs. The township is appealing.

Dziekan and the township had a similar dispute in April 2010 when he submitted a request of approximately $800,000 after spending $463,000 the previous year. Dziekan said at the time that additional funds were needed to build a new salt bin and a permanent facility.


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