No, not yet. And maybe never.

But two commissions formed recently under at the umbrella of SAFETEA-LU, the comprehensive transportation-funding program passed in 2005, are looking at how to shore up revenue for the perennially underfunded federal program that states, counties, and cities rely on most to pay for road construction and improvements.

The first commission, which focuses on financing, will advise U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and Congress on future highway and transit needs, as well as on how the Highway Trust Fund is funded. The 15 commission members, drawn from state and local governments, transportation providers, and financiers, will submit final recommendations to the secretary within two years.

The second commission is looking at ways to supplement—or replace—gas taxes as the trust fund's primary revenue source. It is expected to release its report by the end of 2007. So for the foreseeable future, relief isn't in sight. For more information, visit