Capital Improvements

  • Getting around the lowest-cost imperative when hiring consultants

    Both client and consultant know that the method for contracting professional services is broken, but only the client pays the price.

  • Fiscal Finess

    Stimulus package tests patience and numbers-crunching skills.

  • Sewer-tunnel replacement wins ACEC award

  • Clark County chooses Ninyo & Moore

  • Local pensions safe for now

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    Borrowing Goes Bust

    Fallout from free-wheeling financing hits government coffers with a double whammy. The false promise of easy money earns a berth on our fifth annual Trendsetters list.

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    Persuasive Politicking

    Five ways to promote a rate increase (hint: think of yourself as a campaign-finance manager).

  • ‘Green’ Cleaning System Saves Time, Money

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    Locked Out

    Ten years ago, security at most mid-sized water treatment plants was little more than a locked door. Today, water and wastewater utilities are doing their best to protect the vulnerabilities of systems that spread out over literally millions of miles.

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    Putting it All Together

    Nonresidential construction is expected to increase 5% this year and 4% next year according to some sources, and the 2008 Outlook—our annual survey of public works budget expectations mirrors these expectations.

  • High-Performance Champions

    Graham Richard is on our cover because he

  • We're there for You

    Stay tuned for our live coverage of the APWA Show in San Antonio, Texas September 10-12, 2007.

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    Smart Water

    Las Vegas is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, but it's in the middle of the desert. Here's what the city is doing to make sure there's enough water to go around.

  • Put my money in the bank? Rubbish!

  • Water bills get thumbs up in house

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    Forecast 2007: wastewater/stormwater

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    Bye-bye, blue bags

    Windy City denizens were surprised when Mayor Richard Daley announced that, after more than a decade, the city would be abandoning the blue-bag recycling program.

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    Pungent pest control

    One Chicago suburb is fortifying its relentless mosquito-abatement efforts with a weapon you'd be more likely to find in an Italian kitchen than inside an insecticide sprayer.

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    Building the budgeting process

    As in many cities, Houston's equipment replacement process is far from ideal. The city has an equipment acquisition fund of $22 million for fiscal year 2006, but funding levels go up and down yearly, according to the availability of money. So monies available don't always match up with needs.

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    Small, medium, or large

    David versus Goliath. Efficient versus ineffective. Weak versus strong. This is how many people may compare small towns to large cities. Small towns' public works departments have small staffs, less red tape, and fewer political problems while big cities have large bureaucracies, more money, and...


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