On the show floor Advanced backhoe control

Volvo Construction Equipment, Booth 428

The BL70 backhoe loader has a loader pilot control that lets the operator open/close the bucket, forward/reverse, and kick down the selected power-shift speeds. A hydraulic lock enables quick change of attachments. www.volvoce.com.

Project management software

SharpeSoft Inc., Booth 1619

Integrated Project Management avoids duplicate data entry by granting numerous personnel access to their specific tasks on a project at the same time. Features include budgeting, estimating, bid entry, and project status. www.sharpesoft.com.

Reciprocating compressors

Ingersoll Rand Inc., Booth 1427

These reciprocating compressors feature configurable receiving tank and fuel options. The diesel model is a 16-hp, liquid-cooled unit; the gas version operates at 21.5 hp. A two-stage inner cooler maximizes efficiency and power. www.ingersollrand.com.

GIS for utility mapping

Midland GIS Solutions, Booth 207

The company offers solutions that enable users to map and manage their utility infrastructure, both above-ground and underground. Once placed, an array of feature data can be attached to mapped data to perform analysis, create reports, and produce illustrations. www.midlandgis.com.

Capital improvement planning

CIPPlanner Corp./DigiCentury Consulting, Booth 205

CIP Access gives smaller municipalities the ability to plan and manage capital improvement programs and the projects within them. It tailors program features to the needs of a small town and avoids cost overruns, schedule slipping, and other costly mistakes. www.cipplanner.com.