Annual Industry Outlook

  • County and municipalities consolidate highway services

  • The case for cost-sharing solid waste services and landfill monitoring.

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    A slow climb from rock bottom

    Resources are tighter than ever and expectations remain high, but you're keeping assets serviceable and services available — one way or another.

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    Painful priorities

    Maintaining your operation's position in the organizational hierarchy.

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    Chemical concerns

    Industry, regulators finally agree on a plan to ‘harden' operations. If you haven't conducted a risk assessment, start thinking about doing one.

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    Surviving the funding gap

    Green is becoming more important than ever, while budgets are continuing to shrink.

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    Caught in the middle

    EPA's GHG monitoring rule is estimated to cost landfills $5,000 this year, but managers could make money under the House's proposed cap-and-trade program.

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    The domino effect

    You know money's tight when police and fire have to fight for their share of general revenues. Just five years ago, state and local tax revenues experienced the largest single-year increase in 15 years; and National League of Cities members were least likely to cut public safety services to close a...

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    Special Report / Water Challenges

    Drinking water regulations won't wait for a better economy.

  • New Hope for Old

    Congress addresses wastewater and stormwater funding shortfalls.

  • Making Green Matter

    Partner with utility and road projects to make successful bids for funding.

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    Resource Recovery

    How landfill gas and plain old garbage will be expected to help reduce air pollution.

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    Unfair Trade

    The price still isn't right for cable providers working in public rights of way.

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    Ripple Effect

    EPA eyes role of road construction in water pollution.

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    Emission Remission

    Statewide attack on greenhouse gases generates more paperwork for managers.

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    The New Age of Aquarius

    Concern for the global climate is ushering in an era of ‘eco-infrastructure' in the United States.

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    Holdin' the Line in '09

    Federal support is poised to help offset a reversal in local fortunes.

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    Fashionably Safe

    The International Safety Equipment Association and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have developed a new standard regarding the sartorial requirements placed on safety responders.

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    Ouch . . . That Hurts!

    Higher energy prices will drive concrete prices up 3% to 5%, according to Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America. Wooden roads, anyone?

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    Sure Routes to Funding

    While the pool of money allocated to the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program stands at $147 million, you might want to go after your share of the funding this year before it dries up—or gets reallocated.


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