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Has The U.S. Forgotten How to Do Infrastructure?

The nation once built things fast and cheaply. Now experts are puzzled why costs... More

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High (and Low) Lights of White House Budget Proposal

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know President Donald Trump wants to... More

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Deadline Extended! $25,000 Equipment Grant

Last year, a New York county used this grant for stream mitigation. You could win... More

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President Trump Appears to Revise Plans for Infrastructure Funding

In his speech before Congress, the president appeared to back off on a plan that... More

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U.S. EPA's Budget Could Be Slashed by $2 Billion

President Donald Trump promised to cut regulatory red tape during his campaign.... More

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The Fight to Raise Money for U.S. Infrastructure

If Congress can't figure out how to pay for $1 trillion in public works investment... More

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$74 Million in New Bonds Will Fund Miami Infrastructure Upgrades

The bonds will finance improvements that open the door to billions of dollars in... More

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50 States, 50 Potential Public Works Failures

This list of each state's most pressing infrastructure issue was compiled as a... More

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Experts say Trump's Infrastructure Spending Plan Will Likely Lead to a Recession

By offering $130 billion in federal tax credits to private investors backing... More

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Show us the Money: Paying for the President's $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

President Trump will soon reveal his tax reform proposal, of which infrastructure... More

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