The application helps users make faster, more informed decisions throughout the project, reducing project risk, supporting teams working together to speed approvals and resolve issues during design, construction, and operations.

Key capabilities include:

  • View, analyze, and augment a wide variety of project information, including geometry, 3D models, and 2D topography.
  • Search and filter models based on attributes such as feature definition or geometric criteria.
  • Locate model elements, station, offsets, and embedded properties to perform tasks quickly in the field.
  • Walk through projects using GPS to view your location in real-world coordinates.
  • Combine design artifacts with pay item tracking for field inspection.
  • Create mark-ups including screenshots, pictures, mark-up text, and comments.

Built specifically for civil engineers, surveyors, designers, and other professionals working in the field, and delivering a platform that will eventually replace all the functions of a traditional paper or PDF-based plan.

Bentley Systems International Limited

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