Water/sewer/refuse billing

The company offers a range of products for billing water, sewer, and solid waste collection services. Each software package can be modified to fit the needs of an individual agency. Features include auto-read or radio-read meter interface ability, report views, ability to generate postage-saving billing cards, delinquency and shut-off notices, and customer queries. Coppella and Associates. www.coppella.com.

Utility billing suite

enQuesta utility software is a group of programs for utility billing. Quick access to customer information enables users to answer inquiries in a timely manner with optimal productivity. It enables easy payment processing, effective call tracking, service order creation, and response generation. The Voice-Connect and WebConnect modules offer customer self-service options that let clients access account information, view bills, and pay electronically. Systems and Software Inc. www.systemsandsoftware.net.

Utility management

The Utilities Management Suite includes integrated modules that provide a complete history of service and financial information that can be accessed by authorized personnel. It includes automated service applications and work orders, complaint tracking, meter-reading interface, and vehicle maintenance information. It tracks meter test results, keeps track of meters in and out of service, and provides unlimited reading and consumption histories. Logics LLC. www.logics-software.com.

Solid waste billing

UBSplus Garbage Billing Software is a Windows-based product designed for customer service, billing, and collecting payment for solid waste services. Speed payment entry with an auto-sensing barcode scanner. A customer's complete account information can be accessed with the touch of a button; users can easily add or change customer information. The program offers the ability to generate several different reports. In addition, the software can be customized to meet your department's needs. Utility Data Systems Inc. www.utility-billing.net.

Windows-based software

WBAR6 offers options for creating, exporting, and reporting utility information. The Windows-based tool works with Crystal Reports 8.5 to help create customized reports, letters, forms, labels, graphs, charts, and publish reports to the Web. It offers a range of customer look-up parameters, including name, account number, service address, and phone number. Administrators can process electronic payments, send bills via e-mail, and notify landlords if tenants become delinquent. The product is easy to learn and operate. TRI-C Systems. www.tricsystems.com.

Flexible billing product

BillMaster 6 offers users a high degree of flexibility, making it possible to define data fields, reports, payment methods, meter types, and other information. It can handle basic to complex billing requirements, and it is suitable for small, medium, and large operations. Users can schedule meter reading, generate and report notices, and print statements and service orders through the software. Choose from a range of optional interfaces to third-party hardware and software, including automated meter reading, barcoding and optical character reading tools, and GIS and mapping systems. Data West Corp. www.dwcorp.com.

Small-system billing software

The RVS utility billing system consists of various programs and tools to help bookkeepers, operators, managers, and auditors of small municipal utilities. It includes options for using pre-printed or standard billing forms, handheld readers, point-of-sale systems, and other tools. The user interface is easy to use; customer information can be accessed quickly with an account number or a few letters of the last name. The product can be customized according to an agency's size and needs. RVS Software. www.rvssoftware.com.