Clean, unpolluted water is a highly important, yet depleting resource. One practice used by stormwater managers to address runoff pollution is to design permeable pavement that is designed so that it will infiltrate to a subsurface layer.

No matter if the permeable pavement comes in the form of permeable asphalt, porous concrete or permeable interlocking concrete pavers, you must ensure that it is not clogged:

One aspect all permeable pavement installations have in common is that routine, preventive, maintenance – primarily via correct air sweeping at the correct frequency – is extremely important. In all cases, if the system is maintained properly from the start then maintenance will be very simple and relatively inexpensive. It will also be very effective. On the other hand, if the surface is not maintained correctly and the surface pores become clogged, then it can become quite difficult and potentially more expensive to restore adequate infiltration capacity.

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