The National League of Cities (NLC) has released a new report that looks at the growing trends in technology and how they will impact the future of cities. The new report, "City of the Future: Technology and Mobility," looks into how transportation will change in the coming years by speaking with experts in the field and looking at what cities are doing to meet this growing challenge.

One such challenge is the driverless car. While autonomous cars will be available by 2020, less than 10% of cities have considered the ramifications for local roadways. The study found that the vast majority of cities "do not have concentrated efforts to prepare for new transportation innovations. Though half of the cities surveyed have explicit plans for new highway and infrastructure construction and maintenance, the majority of cities are not taking into account the effect of driverless technology or private transportation network companies."

The report also details what experts forecast for cities in 2020, 2030, and beyond.

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