Credit: Angela Thompson Photography

Director of Municipal Services
City of Junction City, Kan.
Employees: 44
Population served: 20,000
Budget: $14.5 million; $21 million CIP
Advice: Keep an open mind.

Products and processes are constantly introduced and improved. Each innovation and iteration raises customers’ expectations and impacts how public works … well, works. More than ever, men and women entering the profession need the perspective of experienced colleagues and those providing other public works services.

That’s why, says Greg McCaffery, the American Public Works Association’s Donald C. Stone Center’s leadership and management credentialing program or joining an APWA chapter could be the “single greatest means to gain firsthand knowledge from those who’ve walked in your shoes.

“Our profession is vast in career type, location, and work environment,” he says. “Mentors help you become well-rounded in your area of public works. Solutions for many of our problems will be found through interfacing with one another.”

Communities trust public works to ensure safe streets, build solid infrastructure, and provide basic sanitation services and facilities.

“As public works leaders, we need to keep an open mind and use the many tools at our disposal.”

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