Jaipur-based structural engineering firm - N M Roof Designers (NMRD) Ltd - has shot into in the Guinness World Records for designing and constructing a Satsang Hall within the Govind Devji's Temple in Jaipur, which has reinforced concrete cement (RCC) flat roof with a single span of 119 feet.

"If Dubai has Burj Al Hotel - the world's tallest tower - India now has Govind Devji's Satsang Hall in Jaipur, the world's widest concrete building," says Deepak Sogani, CEO, NMRD Ltd, the structural consultants and contractors for this project. The 15,800 sq feet pillarless Satsang Hall can seat 5,000 devotees at any given time.

"We faced several engineering challenges while designing a structure of this size. Given the large width of the hall and the requirement of constructing a flat, usable roof, the only structure that could work was a grid slab. A grid or waffle slab is an RCC roof constructed employing a criss-cross square grid of deep ribs," Sogani said.