Infrastructure enhancements like the widening of County Road 540A don't get off the ground without the Fleet Management Division, which repairs, maintains, and fuels nearly 2200 vehicles and pieces of heavy equipment for all county divisions, eight municipalities, several state agencies, and even the FBI.

Fleet director Bob Stanton says it's the replacement program that sets his team apart from other fleet divisions.

The program has brought in more than $14 million of revenue for the county since the 2000 launch of a unique purchase contract, whch gives county technicians the same access to online technical information as Ford technicians. Plus, the contract lets technicians order on-highway vehicles from the office rather than using the bid process, and vehicles are priced at or below contract levels. Vendors are paid via electronic funds transfers.

Another reason for success is the division's nearly 40 dedicated employees. Collectively, 25 technicians have earned 227 Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifications—and they did so on their own time.

Employees are so committed to the division that they star in their own recruitment video, spreading the word about what they enjoy about their jobs, and what benefits new hires can expect—such as a 10 cent/hour increase for each certification earned plus a 20 cent/hour bonus for achieving the “Master” level.

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