For the work that they do in environmental consciousness and the effective management in the storage of winter road salt, the Salt Institute is giving its Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting award to 90 transportation facilities across the U.S. and Canada. Their efforts in clearing winter help to protect the lives of drivers as well as commerce.

From an economic perspective, a one-day major snowstorm can cost a state $300-$700 million in direct and indirect costs, lost commerce and productivity (American Highway Users Alliance). In terms of lives, more than 116,000 Americans are injure and over 1,300 are killed due to pavement covered in snow , ice, or slush. The spreading of salt keeps roads safer and pays for itself within the first 25 minutes after it is spread.

Salt Institute President Lori Roman praised the efforts of these facilities and the assurance they give drivers:

“The familiar sight of trucks spreading salt on icy winter roads gives motorists reassurance, as it should. If that salt was stored in and spread by a facility honored with a Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting award, motorists have the added assurance of knowing the utmost care has been taken to protect public safety and the environment. These facilities have cleared a high bar. For example, in minimizing salt runoff alone, 10 specific criteria must be met,” 

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