Editor’s Note: Late last year we held a kind of contest. We told folks who receive our weekly e-newsletter that we were going to profile one public works department from each EPA region in our January issue.

The catch? Whoever responded first got the honors.

Candidates had to submit a high-resolution photo (or other graphic) and answer two questions: What’s the toughest thing on your plate in 2014 and how are you addressing it?

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EPA Region 1: Department of Public Works, Engineering Division
Town of Wellesley, Mass.

EPA Region 2: Mount Laurel Township Municipal Utilities Authority
Mount Laurel, N.J.

EPA Region 3: Public Works
City of Annapolis, Md.

EPA Region 4: Right-of-Way Management Section
City of Charlotte, N.C.

EPA Region 5: Department of Public Works
Waterford Township, Mich.

EPA Region 6: Bernalillo County Operations and Maintenance Department
Albuquerque, N.M.

EPA Region 8: Department of Public Utilities, Water Services
Ogden City, Utah

Region 10: Public Works, Sewer System & Wastewater Treatment Facilities
City of Vancouver, Wash.