Here are the most popular articles on that were featured in the 2014 Public Works Manual.

Bridges & Culverts

December 2012, Fast-track bridge replacement
Utah cracks down on construction-related traffic delays with accelerated bridge construction and “bridge move” techniques.

Construction Equipment

October 2012, Keeping your cool
Your fleet’s engines may benefit from waterless coolant.

Erosion Control

PW Manual 2012, The greener, cheaper way to prevent erosion
Native plants and geosynthetics provide an effective one-two punch against roadside erosion.

Fleets, Trucks & Accessories

September 2011, Smooth rides: The new generation of air suspensions
Manufacturers improve ruggedness and durability while reducing weight.

General Operations

January 2013, Your future with EPA’s new stormwater regulation
First in a series on satisfying the agency’s farther-reaching permitting requirements.

Parks & Recreation

April 2013, Disney and urban design
The mighty mouse’s public works department roars.

Pavement Construction & Maintenance

June 2012, The art of pavement preservation
How to justify maintaining roads before they fall apart.

Pipe Installation, Maintenance & Rehabilitation

March 2011, The return of vitrified clay pipe
A new generation of engineers is learning why their predecessors specified more than 5 billion feet for the nation's sewers.

Roadside & Grounds Maintenance

January 2014, Simple beauty
Scored pavement enhances Tallahassee’s downtown sidewalks.

Snow & Ice Control

July 2013, Plot a better plowing plan
A routing formula that cut one city’s snowplowing time 40% also applies to buses, meter reading, street sweeping, and refuse collection.

Solid Waste Collection & Disposal

April 2012, From glass to cash
A Southeastern solid waste operation doubles revenue by recycling glass into mulch, road salt.

Surveying & Mapping

October 2012, Using GIS to meet accessibility requirements
How one city is using a geodatabase to update and/or install 15,000 curb ramps by 2017.

Traffic Control & Lighting

November 2013, Reflection collection
Midwestern highway department develops GIS database to meet federal retroreflectivity deadlines.


October 2012, Strangled by disposables
Sewer “activists” are asking nonwoven fabrics manufacturers to help teach the public not to treat toilets like trash cans.