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LA Sanitation Receives Brownfields Grant

The City of Los Angeles is receiving a $300,000 Brownfields grant from the U.S.... More

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Identifies Water Leaks from Space

We didn’t believe it, either, but it’s true. This Israeli company’s product uses... More

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Innovyze and XP Solutions Merge

The new Innovyze combines two of the most recognizable names in the marketplace; a... More

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White House to Help 'Project Managers Navigate the Bureaucratic Maze'

President Trump ended Infrastructure Week by discussing his plans to streamline... More

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Seven Construction, Engineering Companies Make Fortune 500

Has your agency ever retained any of these firms? More

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The Trade-off for Privatizing Infrastructure

This opinion piece explains how beneficial private investment can be for... More

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Scenes from a Show

I couldn't stop myself from taking public works-related photos during the American... More

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19 Infrastructure Projects That Will Change the World

From smart cities to bridges you can run marathons on, these giant infrastructure... More

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Architects React to 'Infrastructure Week'

Infrastructure is a big part of the president's domestic agenda and some... More

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Trump's Infrastructure Plan is a Mirage

The president’s infrastructure “plan” depends on investors trying to earn a profit... More

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