Solutions suite addition

Version 6.71 of this infrastructure management software suite includes more than 90 new or enhanced features. It focuses on increased sophistication of the software's GIS capabilities, maintenance management applications, and water resource asset management modules. There are stream-lined communications capabilities with a customer e-mail notification system. GBA Master Series Inc. APWA Booth 2044.

Clearing made easier

The Boom-Grapple attachment offers a high degree of versatility. It can be used for cleaning ditches, lakes, and pond banks. The booms run 8 to 10 feet in length and are made out of 2½-, 3-, or 4-inch reinforced tubing. The lift capacity is 3000 pounds. It uses a two-pin quick hitch to fit most skid-steers and uses standard hydraulics. Diverse Specialties Inc. APWA Booth 1157.

Pavement coring

The Utilicoring process combines a robust, purpose built, field-proven rotary coring truck or skidsteer-mounted coring unit with a proprietary bonding compound. Once the pavement is cored, the hole is backfilled to the base, and the original pavement coupon is permanently reinstated in the roadway using a permanent pavement bonding compound. It reaches full and final set in 30 minutes. Utilicor Technologies Inc. APWA Booth 2339.

Electric powered spreader

The LPV (Low Profile V-Box) spreader is designed for ½- to 1-ton pickup trucks and its height is 25% lower than typical pickup spreaders. The product can hold up to 1.39 cubic yards of material. The top edges are double crimped and it has four body supports. The LPV spreads free-flowing materials at controlled widths of 4 to 24 inches. Overlapping baffles and a 13-inch poly spinner disc provide precise material spreading. Swenson Spreader LLC. APWA Booth 1810.

Tool carrier

The WA250PT-5 tool carrier has a parallel lift boom that allows the operator to carry loads susceptible to dumping or spilling. The product features a quick coupler for easy changing of attachments. The operator cab is 5% larger than previous models. A flat glass windshield offers increased visibility. Komatsu America Corp. APWA Booth 2242.

Full-size pickup dump body

The TC-200 COMBO kit converts a pickup to an all aluminum service/ dumper. Its dump body provides 54 cubic feet of tool storage; holds 2.4 cubic yards of mulch, grass clippings, and firewood; and dumps 5000 pounds. The product weights 425 pounds. T6 alloy extrusions and aluminum sheet are high strength. The storage compartments include automotive bulb-type door seals, three point latches on long doors, and black twist-lock door handles. Truck-Craft Corp. APWA Booth 211.

Valve exercising program

The Spin Doctor Valve and Vac system exercises all valves and fire hydrants. The vacuum cleans the valve box while the Valve Star feature controls all critical operating functions. Valve Star locates the valve and data logs. The wide range of motion enables the product to reach an optimum amount of valves. Hurco Technologies Inc. APWA Booth 1637.

Durable, customizable bag

Eco-Bag is made from synthetic material and can endure years of weather, sunlight, and repeated movement. It is appropriate for sand, gravel, dirt, or water. A 1 - or 1 ½-inch valve allows for fast and easy filling and sealing. The product is 12x18x4 inches and has a capacity of ½ cubic foot. It has hand grips on each side and is puncture resistant. Its empty weight is 3 pounds. ECO-blok LLC. APWA Booth 1307.

Heated hose melter/ applicator

The 230DHDC Generation II Magma offers the dual capabilities of crack cleaning and sealing with a 100-psi compressor. The heatlance is directly incorporated into the product. The air and propane tank are routed to 50-foot hoses on a retracting reel. A 30-gallon propane tank is mounted on the unit. The heated hose's technology minimizes kinks and flex damage with a ¾-inch inner diameter. The product comes standard with onboard spare parts kits, self-priming burners, and the internal machine recirculation feature for optimum sealant stratification and flowability. Cimline Inc. APWA Booth 1114.

Flat grate protection

The Dandy Bag is designed for use with flat grates (including round) and mountable curbs to filter sediment-laden stormwater. The suspended solids are allowed to settle out of the slowed flow and are captured by the product before entering the inlet. Standard sizes will fit to any inlet. Mirafi Construction Products. APWA Booth 1236.

Visible traffic signs

Diamond Grade DG3 reflective sheeting is a thin reflective sheeting adhered to the surface of traffic signs. Through the principle of retroreflection, a light beam hitting the material is reflected directly back to its source. Since drivers sit on nearly the same plane as their headlights, the reflected light appears brightest to them. 3M. APWA Booth 918.

De-icing spreader

The Hi-Way Super-P de-icing spreader is ideal for winter maintenance of parking lots, schools, alleys, parks, and intersections. Features include 10-gauge feed gates, bottom panels, and sills that are resistant to bowing from heavy loads and have long wear life. The product is available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel and with a variety of self-contained drive engines. Highway Equipment Co. APWA Booth 1132.

Salt and chloride neutralizer

The Neutro-Wash salt and chloride neutralizer breaks apart rust-causing white salt film. It also prevents fading and chalking of a vehicle's paint and finish, keeps pumps and spray bars working, and reduces corrosion of electrical wires and connectors. Rhomar Industries Inc. APWA Booth 1441.