Almost 1,000 people have responded to our annual salary-and-benefits survey so far — thank you. Last year the results appeared in our April issue, but this year the analysis will appear in March.

As we scan the initial results, we're pleased to report that roughly half of the respondents so far received a raise of 1% to 3% last year and expect the same again this year. However, any gains continue to be offset by higher insurance co-pays and premiums. Not surprising, then, that satisfaction with overall compensation drops a little more every year.

We believe the higher co-pays, etc., mirror a trend that's been going on for quite a while in the private sector. So we wondered: how stable are public pensions? Most respondents are confident they'll be able to collect the money they paid into the system when the time comes.

If you haven't already done so, would you please take a few minutes to respond to our survey now by clicking here?

Just a head's up that we'll be sending out one final request on Friday. We apologize for asking again but unfortunately can't weed out those who've already responded.

Thank you! Please feel free to e-mail with questions or issues you'd like us to address next year.