Compact utility loader

Featuring simple controls, a powerful track drive, and a wide variety of attachment capabilities, the Dingo TX 420 compact utility loader is ideal for material hauling, light construction, demolition, fence installation, and irrigation system installation. A single control for travel direction, and a simple joystick that controls all attachment movement, make the unit easy to operate. It is powered by a 20-hp Kohler air-cooled engine and offers more than 35 quick-change attachments. The Toro Co.

Low-emissions soil compactor

The 825H soil compactor meets aggressive Tier 3 emissions regulations while providing high productivity, long life, and low operating costs. It incorporates an updated cooling system and a Cat C15 engine, rated at 354 net hp at 1800 rpm. The engine employs Acert technology to reduce emissions, by bringing more clean air into the combustion chamber, improving air flow, and delivering micro bursts of fuel to the combustion chamber. Other features include constant net horsepower, so productivity remains high even when the engine is subjected to parasitic loads. Caterpillar Inc.

Hand protection

Conventional lotions replace natural moisture with artificial moisture, but that comes off every time you wash. Gloves In A Bottle lotion turns your outer layer of skin into what works like an invisible pair of gloves to keep irritants out while retaining your own natural moisture. It is perfect for any job, whether building, using machinery, tiling, plastering, painting or being exposed to harsh elements. It is virtually undetectable once dry, lasts four hours or more, and comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. Gloves in a Bottle,

Durable wheelbarrows

A quick-connect system makes a new line of wheelbarrows quickly serviceable and free of bolt heads inside the tray. The heavy-duty steel tray resists rust and dirt collection, and the absence of bolt holes eliminates leakage. A special underside bracket slides securely into the bolt head and connects the undercarriage. Custom-fit wedges drop between the tray brackets and reduce gaps. Wood or steel handles, dual wheels, and poly trays also are available. Corona Clipper Inc.

All-weather work clothing

The RefrigiWear 2005 catalog includes head-to-toe clothing, accessories, and equipment that protect workers and perishables in all temperatures. Among the new additions to the company's insulated work wear is the return of the Iron Tuff Ice Parka/60. The parka is more durable than ever and comes with a lifetime warranty. Another addition is the ComfortGuard line of work wear for construction workers, heavy equipment operators, and outdoor production workers. The line features pre-shrunk and pre-washed Cotton Bull denim that's softer and more comfortable than traditional cotton duck fabric, yet is also water-repellant, abrasion-resistant, and self-extinguishing. RefrigiWear.

Utility knife

The folding utility Superknife 2 has a no-slip blade lock, along with quick blade replacement capability. Also included is a pocket clip for easy access. Handles can be laser engraved with logos or other artwork with a minimum order. Taylor Tools.

LED warning lights

The 4400 Series Meteorlite self-contained LED warning lights are available in either amber or clear and feature 19 LEDs per head. The multi-voltage 12-24 VDC lights feature a quiet flash warning mode, which can flash randomly. Users also can connect two light heads together for an alternating flash pattern. They are available in 6.5-inch and 4-inch round models, with either a grommet or flange mount and weatherproof harness. Superior Signals Inc.

Floor sealer

Multi-Pro Seal contains a special blend of silicones and fluorinated compounds to penetrate and bond to porous surfaces, leaving an invisible layer of protection. The easy-to-use water-based sealer makes grout, porous tile, and concrete floors resistant to water and oil-based stains, dirt, and odors. The sealer also helps inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on treated surfaces. Minuteman International Inc.

Low-VOC caulk and adhesives

Packaged in containers of 16 fluid ounces or less, each sealant contains less than 4% VOCs by weight, and each adhesive contains less than 15% by weight. The products include Beats the Nail all-purpose adhesive in a latex-based formula, DAP 2000 solvent-based heavy-duty adhesive that bonds to a variety of substrates, and the latex-based DAP 4000 sub-floor and deck adhesive for interior and exterior use. DAP Inc.