The transparent barrier built next to several homes near the Anchorage Airport absorbs road noise while giving residents an unobstructed view of the Chugach Mountains. Photo: CYRO Industries
Clear Construction

ADOT chose Wilder Construction, a contracting firm in the Pacific Northwest with regional branches in Anchorage, to install the C Street noise barrier wall. Most Durisol highway noise barrier foundations use augured or drilled shaft foundations. The foundation for the C Street noise barrier, however, was assembled with driven piles, a more common practice in Alaska.

Wilder built a mock-up of the noise barrier at Durisol's Canadian plant so workers could practice each step in assembling the barrier and handling the acrylic sheets. The mock-up proved useful when constructing the final noise barrier.

Trains transported the acrylic barrier panels 7000 miles from CYRO's Arkansas plant and Durisol materials from its Canadian plant without delay or damage. At the site, Wilder precisely spaced the 8- and 10-inch diameter piles within 1 inch of the specified location and drove them 15 to 16 feet into the ground to adequately support the noise barrier panels. Workers then bolted H-posts, custom-designed by Durisol for the project, to a plate welded onto the pilings, then lowered into place the pre-assembled, framed acrylic panels.

By the completion of the C Street project, crews had produced, shipped, and installed 32,500 square feet of Durisol panels, 18,000 square feet of PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP noise barrier sheet, and 363 concrete frames. The result: an attractive noise barrier wall that absorbs highway noise and blends with the scenic landscape and local community.

“Overall, it was an outstanding project that came together seamlessly,” said Scott Harter, Wilder Construction project manager. “There was on-time material delivery, and a well-engineered construction strategy.” Since the project's conclusion, Alaskans have enjoyed the benefits of the transparent noise barrier and requested that ADOT use these in other communities. “Since the barrier's completion we've received nothing but positive feedback on the project from local homeowners as well as passersby,” said Henderson. “People are genuinely impressed with the wall's appearance and performance.”

Stephen D. Barratt is market manager of noise protection products for CYRO.