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Best Cities for Engineering Professionals to Find a Job Best Cities for Engineering Professionals to Find a Job

Given their growing demand, STEM careers today comprise some of the most lucrative employment, paying higher salaries and boasting far fewer threats of unemployment compared with non-STEM jobs. More

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Proper Plow Ballasting Lowers Liability

The last thing you want during a winter emergency is a driver to lose control and...

A Bold New Way to Power Public Facilities

Anything that creates pressure can be used to trigger these sensors. The City of...

The next driverless vehicles could be your city’s work trucks

The Florida DOT is testing autonomous truck-mounted attenuators: unmanned vehicles...

Helicopter Delivers Repair Crews to Mudslide Site

This dramatic video shows what Caltrans had to do to stabilize a hillside that...

President Trump Establishes Infrastructure Council to Oversee $1 Trillion in Expenditures

During the campaign, candidate Trump didn't define what constitutes "...

Roads Alone Could Consume President Trump's $1 Trillion for Infrastructure

Almost half of the $221 billion all levels of government invested in the nation's...

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Skanska Awarded Multiple Contracts
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Skanska Awarded Multiple Contracts

The world's fifth-largest construction firm is working on private and public... More

JWC Awards $25 Million Construction Contract
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JWC Awards $25 Million Construction Contract

An Oregon water supplier is using the construction manager/general contractor (CM/... More

Partnership's On For Another Two Years
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Partnership's On For Another Two Years

Automated pavement condition assessment probably ain't cheap, but it's helping... More

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DOT Awards $5 Million Construction Management Contract

Pennsylvania transportation managers are rebuilding a major corridor. More

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Texas Water Utility Attacks Arsenic Levels

Safe Drinking Water Act requirements that suppliers maintain running arsenic averages of 10 parts per billion or less apply to 5,523 Texas water systems, most of them rural. Development caused by a recent oil boom is draining supplies in and around the City of Kenedy, where residents have complained about tapwater taste for years. More

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