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Tacoma Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Protection Project Tacoma Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Protection Project

Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair: $5 million but less than $25 million Read more

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“Driller Mike” to the Rescue on $300 Million Project

A tunnel boring machine almost 13 feet in diameter is grinding through granite to...

How the Army Corps of Engineers Screws with Development Plans

Permitting mistakes raise costs and cause delays and new legal uncertainties could...

Is Solar Power Unfair?

If solar panel owners get paid for supplementing their neighbors' power needs,...

County DOT to Take Self-Driving Cars for a Spin

California allows autonomous vehicles as long as a human being's in the driver's...

Four Ways to Save America's Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers says road, water, and other public works...

PNT: The Latest Public Works Acronym

It stands for people near rapid transit and uses a word more familiar to water and...

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$2.5 Million Over Five Years

That's how much a Florida tollway authority is willing to spend to troubleshoot congestion caused by the recent Panama Canal expansion. Read more

University's First Full-Cast Concrete Parking Structure
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University's First Full-Cast Concrete Parking Structure

Project designed to accommodate future installation of a solar array of... Read more

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Florida City Considers Water Reclamation Alternatives

The City of Tampa and regulators will evaluate whether to supplement potable water supplies with a wetland or aquifer project. Read more

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Talk About a Massive Stormwater Challenge

Imagine writing pollution control plans for 100 facilities spread out over 84,899 square miles of desert and mountains and then for an state as a whole. This transportation department is going to keep consultants busy for quite some time. Read more

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Utility Awards $1 Billion Capital Projects Contract

Commonly referred to as DC Water, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is one of the nation’s most progressive water and sewer utilities. This three-year agreement combines two major asset-management programs into a single effort to repair aging infrastructure. Read more

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