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Landfill Brings the Buzz Back Landfill Brings the Buzz Back

Multiple North Carolina public agencies partner with local gardeners and bee keepers to restore declining pollinator populations. More

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Out of the Dark and Into the Light: Detroit's Emergence

Little by little, the city's infrastructure managers are reversing the effects of...

These Are the Coolest Streetlights EVER

All government facilities in Las Vegas run on renewable energy. Now public works...

Trump Administration May Kill Plan to Pay Managers Overtime

In December, a Texas court stopped new labor rules affecting white-collar people...

EPA Tier 4's Effects on Demand

EPA air quality requirements will drive up the demand for non-Tier 4 machines over...

Cable-Free Elevators Reach New Heights

Testing on ThyssenKrupp's breakthrough elevator technology, allowing for both...

Introducing the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative

Two dozen water and environmental groups are offering free resources to help...

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Contract Awards

JWC Awards $25 Million Construction Contract
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JWC Awards $25 Million Construction Contract

An Oregon water supplier is using the construction manager/general contractor (CM/... More

Partnership's On For Another Two Years
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Partnership's On For Another Two Years

Automated pavement condition assessment probably ain't cheap, but it's helping... More

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DOT Awards $5 Million Construction Management Contract

Pennsylvania transportation managers are rebuilding a major corridor. More

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Texas Water Utility Attacks Arsenic Levels

Safe Drinking Water Act requirements that suppliers maintain running arsenic averages of 10 parts per billion or less apply to 5,523 Texas water systems, most of them rural. Development caused by a recent oil boom is draining supplies in and around the City of Kenedy, where residents have complained about tapwater taste for years. More

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Engineering Firm's Got Its Hands Full with This Contract

The beleaguered City of Flint, Mich., is spending less than $1 million to figure out how to optimize drinking water assets. More

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