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A New Home for the Manatees A New Home for the Manatees

City works with local water district to restore eroded wildlife refuge shoreline using stream restoration techniques. Read more

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Traffic Signs of the Future

First state agency in country to adopt digital solution to improve production and...

Liquid Assest Minnesota

This is a quick flyover of the 56 min documentary on Minnesota's Critical water...

Check Out This New Twist on the Green Roof

Green roofs were (and still may be) all the rage in some cities. Now the concept’s...

How Much of the U.S. is Covered in Landfills?

The average American throws away 4.4 pounds of trash a day. Despite heroic efforts...

How Do You Control Dust During a Drought?

It takes tons of water to minimize airborne particles kicked up by men and...

Do You Loathe Putting Together Board-Meeting Agendas?

Writing and distributing this crucial paperwork is time-consuming and tedious....

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Talk About a Massive Stormwater Challenge

Imagine writing pollution control plans for 100 facilities spread out over 84,899 square miles of desert and mountains and then for an state as a whole. This transportation department is going to keep consultants busy for quite some time. Read more

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Utility Awards $1 Billion Capital Projects Contract

Commonly referred to as DC Water, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is one of the nation’s most progressive water and sewer utilities. This three-year agreement combines two major asset-management programs into a single effort to repair aging infrastructure. Read more

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County’s Plan to Improve Solid Waste Management

The metrics -- 4,751 square miles and 10 million people – are mind-boggling. To better manage commercial and other large-volume properties in unincorporated areas, Los Angeles County is turning to outside expertise. Read more

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County Launches 20-Year Waste Management Plan, Costs

Award-winning agency that processes 800,000 tons of waste every year is taking the next step toward fully integrating collection, recycling, processing, waste-to-energy, hazardous chemicals, and a landfill. Read more

City to Spend More Than $1 Billion on Sidewalk Repairs
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City to Spend More Than $1 Billion on Sidewalk Repairs

The nation's second-largest city is rehabilitating 11,000 miles of sidewalk to... Read more

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